So You Want to Get a Website?

You know you need to get a website for your business, or update the one you have, but the whole idea of talking to a web designer gives you the same feeling you get whenever you bring your car into the shop. You’d like to ask the mechanic some questions, but you’re pretty sure that every time you open your mouth, your bill is going up.

Relax. This is the site for you. Spend a few minutes and you’ll learn enough to get feel comfortable moving forward.  We’ll go through the key questions:

Three quick points:

1) As with any website, you can explore in any order. But if you’re coming in cold, it’s going to make a lot more sense if you start at the beginning and read to the end.

2) This site is written for normal humans, which means the information is intentionally simplified and not at all comprehensive. If all of it seems beneath you, it probably is. Go forth and do something better with your time.

3) It just so happens this site is created by me, Tom Seltzer, who runs Seltzer Creative Group, a company that makes websites. You may think that presents a conflict of interest. It does not. I am transparently interested in using this site to get new clients. Regardless, the information here should be useful even if you – for reasons that surpasseth understanding – decide not to hire SCG.

Let’s get started.